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Who is in hurry to be here?

I have two problem created by my neighbor:

1. Redwood tree

a. which roots was cut without City of Palo Alto Permit, so it's became hazardous;

b. which trunk and roots already protrude into my territory.

2. Illegally (without City Building or other permit) built fence, which in standing in a wrong place along the legal property line.

300 Sequoia Avenue, Palo alto, CA 94306-1045

Parcel # 124-25-013

Neighborhood map

Southgate Neighborhood description

Neighborhood photos

Old Republic Title company Preliminary report

Special notice to home buyer

Tree code of Palo Alto

Case bulletin:

March 08, 2000, Grand deed

April 2000, Surveyor map, done by California licensed surveyor

May 28, 2002, The tree was made hazardous by neighbor initiative during May 27-31, 2002

May 28, 2002, My claim to Planning Division of the City of Palo Alto

May 31, 2002, City inspector stop cutting the tree

June 07, 2002, City of Palo Alto Managing Arborist agree with my claim, his e-mail

June 12, 2002, Mr. Grimes applied for tree removal and tree removal permit was issued by the City

June 12, 2002, Tree Removal Permit

June 24, 2002, Letter to Mr. Grimes

July 4th, 2002, Mr. Grimes answer

July 11, 2002,  Attorney's letter

July 16, 2002, Mr. Grimes answer to the attorney letter

July 25, 2002 Mr. Grimes brought project of the tree agreement

July 25, 2002 Mr. Grimes brought project of the fence agreement