Storyboard Panoramic photo - Visual depiction of the proposed project in its setting among adjacent properties
along my side of the Sequoia Avenue: my home (green) and four homes of both left and right hand neighbors
If possible, all facades must be illuminated by Sun

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Architectural photogrametric data is simply the best technology, but not in case like that

I need Panoramic, linear-strip color photo of my street side neighbors homes,
but without distortion

So, what is necessary to do?

1. To get resolution not worth then 12 mg pixel (dpi), choose camera. Film or digital (Digital Photography: Resolution and Reality)

Digital Photography: Film vs. Digital

1.1. Present digital high resolution cameras are very expensive. And they have lower resolution, then is necessary.

1.2. Regular film camera is good enough, but it necessary to make film scanning with appropriate resolution. For example: 300 dpi x 400 dpi.
or more. (Digital Photography: Resolution and Reality)

1.2.1. Scanned files must be edit with some (for example, Adobe) image editor

- to align them by controlling curb line
- to crop them and make a mosaic picture (smooth, liner-strip, etc)
- to improve small distortions
- to edit color palette
- etc
Finally, single panoramic linear strip color photo in *.jpg format file must appear.
Later on that fill will be converted into CAD format, like *.dxf or *.dwg
2. To get primary batch, series of shots, photographer is moving along opposite side side-walk, make some stops (stations) and make several shots
which must overlap each other at 33% - 50%. As more % of overlapping is, as less distortions will appear and as smaller will be each distortion.
2.1. To avoid big geometric distortions and get accurate data, photo camera should stay as high, as possible. Middle line equal to 1/2 height of the home - will be ideal.
But in most cases it may became in unreasonable cost? because of expensive staging, trestlework, false work, board, scaffold, etc.
2.2. In many cases such distortions may be edited by good software.
2.2. Better time is afternoon, between  03 and 05 pm. Sun should light (illuminate) facades. best season - autumn or even winter, when trees use to loose its leaves
3. Be aware - our main goal is to make picture of home, first of all. Not of cars, people, pets, trees, bushes, flowers, etc, but homes.