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Jaime Alfonso Renteria

California Contractors License # 398495

740-A Sierra Vista
Mountain View, CA 94043
Phone: (650) 961-1392
Fax: (650) 961-1141
E-mail: janalheating@comcast.net
Job address: 300 Sequoia Avenue, Palo Alto CA, 94306-1045
Contract was made by accepting company Estimate # 272 plus extra job: copper pan on deck (invoice # 1405 paid)
Estimate # 272 date: 10.06.2004
Dear Jaime,
After you finish your mission on my site and autumn an winter reins had happened, at 13 February I found in the basement small water leakage, which damaged basement hardwood floor installed, so I had to remove it and place a new one... I immediately removed house from the market...
I spent almost three months to investigate that  leakage problem step by step... As far as I finally disconnected said downspout from the above gutter, leakage stopped immediately and never occur despite of existing rain.... Cause of said rain water leakage is rear porch downspout, which was installed by your company inside the rear porch column....
Financial result of that leakage is $17,630 and includes:
1. Oak hardwood floor installation - $9,830
2. Oak hardwood floor demolition and carpet installation - $4,300
3. Painting, sealing, cleaning and other miscellaneous job done - $ 3,500
So, I want you to send me the check with Minimum $17,630
Fatekh Vergasov