Rear porch column with downspout inside
Contractor - Janal Heating

Framer: structural post was placed at the corner of the the
basement wall as per architectural drawings

Framer: to create column structural post was covered by
Janal Heating: Outside surface of the column is covered with copper

Janal Heating: Outside Column surface is covered by copper

Janal Heating: To create waterproofing sealing stuff was placed
along the copper edge, i.e. copper was glued to the concrete

Janal Heating: PVC downspout is installed inside the column
On the column you can see top and bottom white PVC pipe

Janal Heating: You may see
joint PVC pipe with the metal  pipe,
which come from Janal heating gutter,
Said metal pipe and all two joints was
made by Janal Heating
Rein water comes to the basement floor following way:
1. From the gutter to the small metal 2" pipe (made by Janal Heating)
2. Via metal pipe and PVC downspout joint (made by Janal Heating)
3. Down along PVC downspout (made by Janal Heating)
4. 99% of said water flashes out the column...
5. About 1% of said water leaks into the column and finds its hidden way
along the inner surface of the basement wall
6. After that water spreads under the hardwood floor all over its area
As far as I disconnected PVC downspout from the gutter water leakage stopped
and never appear again despite several heavy reins and showers