Fatekh Vergasov
Conrete slab and walls - Job address - 300 Sequoia Avenue, Palo alto, CA 94306-1045
Pre-Project (preliminary) civil engineers investigations:
Soil report: groundwater was encountered in boring at the depth of 24' below existing soil grade
Surveyor map - site if substantially flat with slop towards street

By drawings basement dryness shall be ensured with water-proofing measures, such as:

1. Soil conditions and low underground water table
2. "Gravel pilow" to avoid osmotic water suction from under the basement. "Gravel pilow" as well is seismic protection to the basement
3. Waterproofing membrane over "gravel pilow" with special material of company Grace, Paraseal or equal - was placed and passed special inspection
4. Xypex. Mix Design - Xypex Admix to the concrete at the time of batching at the Milpitas concrete factory
4.1. How waterproof is xypex-treated concrete? Browse schematic drawings of xypex application
5. Subgrade drainage system below basement floor slab with 4" drainage piping and two certified water sump pumps - done, inspected
6. Structural Water-proofing with PrePrufe Water proofing system over basement walls - was done and pass special inspection
7. Backfilling with original soil - done with soil compaction, inspected
8. Organizing of surface water, i.e. drainage according to "Graiding and drainage plan" - done and inspected
9. Organizing of downspout water away from basement walls
10. Both doors and window sealing with appropriate seal. Metal flashings
11. Two layers of waterproofing paint over finish coat of stucco seal stucco

Xypex cocentrate for tritment

Fulfilling the job

Ready mixed concrete supplier - Milpitas Materials Co, 1125, North Milpitas Blvd, Milpitas, CA 95035-3152
Phones: (408) 262-0656, (510) 656-2619, (650) 969-4401
Concrete recipe - Mix 7038OC was used 12 pounds of Xypex added per cubic yard

Job site and jon in progress:

October, 13 2004 - Basement sewer pipes were installed, tested and inspected. "Gravel pillow" was done, i.e. gravel was brought and spreaded
October 18, 2004 - 2" leader concrete layer (cement screed) was done... By night rain had happened
October 25, 2004 - Some reins...Armature (reinforcement) was started. Floor armature and anchors were done, checked by framer and inspected
October 29, 2004 - Cement was poured, basement concrete floor done. Footage for one car garage was done couple days after
November 05, 2004 - Basement walls deck (decking) in progress

Concrete moisture testing

American Moisture Test Kit - Instruction Guide
Concrete Moisture Emission Testing
Moisture Meters/Detectors

Construction materials Tasting labs

Concrete Floors and Moisture
Focus on Floors
Vapor intrusion

Water in the basement