Men suffer groin injuries
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Friend says that a lot of men suffer groin injuries because they ride their bicycles too much. Is that true?
B.G., Pordand, Oregon
If you spend a lot o f time pounding your nuts against the seat or bouncing onto the crossbar after hard stops, you can do serious damage to your abilities as a lover.
Many bikers suffer numb penises after long rides because of pressure applied to the perineum, [where Bulb of penis, Crus of penis, Crus of penis are located] the area between the scrotum and anus. This is not good, [Because Penile arteries are susceptible to trauma]
Last year, researchers reported in the Journal of Urology (we read it, so you don't have to) that an estimated American men have erectile dysfunction, Disorder of sex development because of crotch injuries they suffer while cycling.
To prevent problems, make sure your bike is large enough. There should be two to four inches of clearance between your genitals and the crossbar when you're standing flat on your feet. Bike manufacturers now make split seats (two halves with a hole in the middle), seats filled with gel and seats with shock absorbers. Get one.
More important, take shorter rides and longer breaks. A penis is a terrible thing to waste.  

Artery of bulb of penis
Bulb of penis
Corpus cavernosum penis
Corpus spongiosum penis
Cowper's gland
Crus of penis
Inguinal hernia
Penile artery
Perineal membrane
Peyronie's disease
Sclerosing lymphangitis
Section of corpus cavernosum penis