Mobile and modular homes
Glossary of Housing Terms
A Guide to California Housing Construction Codes
California Building Codes, Standards, etc.
California Department of Housing and Community Development
California Department Public Health (CDPH), Program, A-Z index
California Manufactured Housing Institute
California Manufactured Housing Plants
Division of Codes and Standards
Requirements for the Construction of a Freestanding Cabana in MHP
Factory-Built Housing (FBH) Program
Factory-Built Housing, Notice
List of approved 3d party agencies
Manufactured Housing Program Law and Regulations. Authority:
Manufactured Housing Act - Health and Safety Code 18000 - 18034
Manufactured Housing Regulations (updated 4-1-2013)
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Construction and Safety Program
Park Trailer/Manufactured Home Label/Data Plate
Registration and Titling Program
State Administrative Agency
The Factory-built Housing Program, 2013
The Manufactured Housing Program
Title 25. Housing and Community Development Manufactured Housing Regulations

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