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Existing Double Oven has problem with Lower oven
This oven - White Thermador CMT231-WC-1, Serial # 90030461, Manufactured: March 1990, Listed 159J
This unit was installed in the cabinet with cut out: 24" x 55", so have two option:
a) To repair my unit. In this case I should buy both GE Trash compactor and Dishwasher in stainless steel style.... or
b) Find White Double oven, which will good for existing cut out - 24" x 55", because I don't want head ache with kitchen cabinets... In this scenario both
GE Trash compactor and Dishwasher should be in white color as an new oven...

Solenoid coilLower oven has problem to lock and unlock the door latch... Because of this I cannot even start lower oven...
I suspected - It suppose to be solenoid problem, but solenoid visually is not burned and it's test shows: solenoid is good