Fatekh Vergasov
Redwood tree
470 Ruthven Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94301-1222
Herb Fong - Certified Arborist Redwood Tree Report, August 20, 2007
Robert Weatherill - Certified Arborist Redwood Tree Report, March 27, 2010
T-1. Tree protection sheet
Tree Technical Manual
First of all I need to determinate true condition of the tree, using service
of insured ISA Certified Arborist, who would provide wet stamped Letter
with description of his/her foundlings
In case tree will be found not healthy, it could not be cured, creates an
un-acceptable risk of hazard and need to be removed, it will be necessary
to make detailed Tree Report as an 1st step of the Tree Removal procedure,
including the following:

1. Species (common and scientific name)

2. Size ( diameter, height and crown spread)

3. Condition (foliage, vigor, structural integrity, etc.)

4. Discussion (if the tree dangerous, imminent hazard, clarify property
damage, possible to correct conditions?)

5. Hazard Evaluation Form (Section 4.20 B) may be used to rate
dangerous condition

6. Life expectancy

7. Location diagram, structure, street, adjacent trees and photograph
See also: Tree Reports, Section 6.00, Palo Alto Tree Technical Manual