June, 2012
Fatekh Vergasov
California Highway Patrol (HWP) without political control
California Constitution
Article 1. Declaration of Rights, Section 1:
Political Mission designed, looks like for cadets only, not for California Highway Patrol (CHWP):
"Uphold the truth, and maintain the trust and confidence placed upon us by the citizens of California"
True Facts of my case:
 I became victim of hit-run case
 office file # 7-189
 My offender license plate number was established by Redwood City HWP office
 My case (office file # 7-189) was transfer to Dublin HWP office
 Farmers insurance requested license plate number from Redwood City HWP office
 Answer: "We cannot establish it, so we don't know it" 
 I phone to Redwood City HWP office
 I drag off from them: "We cannot disclose that license number to you, so make Farmers make another request to us" 
 Farmers insurance department made 2nd request of license plate number from Redwood City HWP office
 Same answer: ""We cannot establish it, so we don't know it" 
 I visited Redwood City HWP office
 I got: "We cannot disclose that license number to you. Case was transferred by July 22, 2011 to the Dublin office, where offender lives"
 I put CHWP Website Claim to Golden Gate Division
 I put another claim Golden Gate Division
 I put claim to the Governor Jerry Brown Jr.  by e-mail
 I received Letter from Commitioner J.A.Farrow
 He just gave the runaround
 Just official red tape
 I was named "mad" by Lieutenant Mike Palacio
 so, Investigation starts
 RW City HWP J.Cox quickly found report of so called "witness", made at 21-07-2011 to Golden Gate Division
 it smells fishy
 Having "witness signal" July 21, 2011 Golden Gate Division did nothing so far
 Supplemental Investigation was made by J.Cox
 I was made "The party most at fault"
 just concoct accusation
 Supplemental Investigation was sent to San Mateo area Attorney
 Case # still not disclosed to me  
Case was sent to Palo Alto small claims Court
 Case # still not disclosed to me  
1. One of the principle of Right sounds like: "If it was declared "You have Right", it means somebody got duty to make this real".
Otherwise it would be just wordage"
1.1. Who is that "somebody"? Overwhelmingly, bureaucrats of all kind, including so called armed bureaucrats. All bureaucrats love to call
themselves "professionals", hoping to avoid responsibility by anti-bureaucratic legislation
2. Bureaucracy is both good and evil
2.1. The bureaucracy is good when properly doing its job in accordance with the laws and under the control of politicians
2.2. Politicians always lose power when forget that bureaucracy always tries to intercept the power from the politicians and become an
independent center of power
2.3. Undoubtedly, the biggest enemy of political idea declared - "to build and maintain the trust of Californians" - are bureaucrats, as
was shown in my case so far
2.4. But, I do not know cases of use anti-bureaucratic legislation in California
3. Almost all California's Authorities declare they want to build and maintain the trust of Californians, but not California HWP
3.1. This system is out of control of both politicians and "the People of the State of California".
3.2. This system does not want to know anything except honor of his uniform, and it does not stop even before the red tape, lies,
exaggeration in the investigation of my case and even in the fabrication of spurious facts
3.3. These people hope that I allow to call me a "criminal", I will give them to discredit my 66 years of honest life, let them destroy
my both credit and insurance history...
3.4. They want me to spent money for courts, attorneys, etc. But as a taxpayer, publisher and one of the founder of
International Democracy Foundation, I especially in this election year will use good tested democratic ways to defend myself from
bureaucrats of CHWP