General characteristic
International and chemical name: Tabulettae "Citramonum-forte" - tablets of light-brown color with sprinklings, cocoa flavor


Acetylsalicylic acid - 0,32 g
Paracetamol - 0,24 g
Caffeine (in calculation to dry substance) - 0,04 g
Citric acid - 0,007 g

Excipients: potato starch, medicinal low-molecular polyvinylpirrolydon, sodium croscarmellose, magnesium stearate, cocoa - enough to achieve tablet with the mass of 0,7 g.

Form of output: Tablets

Pharmacological group: Non-narcotic anti-inflammatory remedy

Pharmacological properties: paracetamol and acetylsalicylic acid in the content of tablets of "Citramon forte" make analgesic, febrifugal and moderate anti-inflammatory action, and Caffeine strengthens and accelerates pharmacotherapeutic action of the medicinal product. Indications for administration: Tablets of "Citramon forte" are administrated as anaesthetic remedy under the weak or moderate pain syndrome, especially of inflammatory genesis (frontitis, antritis), and also as febrifugal remedy under the fever of different etiology.
In combination with other medicinal products the medicine is administrated under the diseases, accompanied by pains and increasing of temperature: migraine, headache, toothache, neuralgias, mialgias, artralgias, primary dismenorrhea, including catarrhal ones - influenza, ARVI (acute respiratory virus infection), ARD (acute respiratory disease) and others

Way of administration and dosage: Tablets of "Citramon forte" are administrated inside. It is administrated for adults 1 - 2 tablets 2 - 3 times per day. Maximal daily dose is 6 tablets per 3 takings. The treatment course depends on the efficacy of the medicinal product and, as a rule, does not exceed 7 days.

Side effects: Under the administration of "Citramon forte" in separate patients allergic reactions (skin rash, itch), insignificant brief increasing of arterial pressure, tachicardia, which went away themselves after the cancel of the medicinal product, are possible.

Contraindications: Tablets of "Citramon forte" are contraindicated under heavy breaches of function of liver and kidneys, hypertension, individual non-endurance of paracetamol and/or Caffeine, and also for pregnant women and during the lactation period.

Storage conditions and shelf-life
: Keep in dry place, away from direct sunlight. During 3 years.

Packing: 6 tablets in contour cell package
Conditions of output: Without prescription

High blood pressure - Lisinopril
Metformin 500 mg - 1 tablet orally 2 times per day

Lovastatin 40 mg - 1 tablets orally daily (at lunch)

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