Fatekh Vergasov

Architectural Service Agreement
Made as of the _________ day of January in the year Two Thousand and Four in City of Palo Alto, California between parties, henceforth referred to as:
Owner - Fatekh Vergasov, 300 Sequoia Ave., Palo Alto, CA 94306-1045, and
Architect – __________________________________________________________
Parties take cognizance of:
  1. California Architects Practice Act and its regulations in effect as of July 01, 2002
  2. City of Palo Alto Municipal Code, other Law and Codes
  3. Address of the new house: 300 Sequoia Ave. Palo Alto, CA 94306-1045
  4. Owner’s wish to demolish existing house and build new one: 2-story with the basement
  5. Both Surveyor Map and Soil Report furnished by Owner
  6. Architect Initial Study of the neighborhood with its forms, uniqueness and flavor
  7. Project Description: new 2-story home with the following limits: Basement  - 1,200 sq. ft. with egress to the sunken patio and windows egresses; Detached one car garage – 200 sq. ft. with attached patio 200 sq. ft. covered with trellises; First floor – 1,200 sq. ft.; Second floor – 1,000 sq. ft.; Total, including  one-car garage: 2,400 sq. ft.
1. Architect provides the "basic architectural service”, which consist of three Phases: - Schematic Design, Design Development and Construction Document. The following are NOT included in this basic service:
1. Interior finishes including cabinet layout/design
2. Interior Wall finishes and color
3. Flooring selection
4. Tile selection
5. Appliance selection
6. Interior stair design (stair design level of detail drawings for city permit approval only)
7. Lighting fixture selection
8. Interior trim molding
9. Closet/storage design
10. Plumbing fixture design selection
11. Interior specifications, but doors and windows
2. Owner to pay application and permit fees and other related fees to City of Palo Alto and other jurisdiction related to this project
3. Owner under provisions of Amendment to this Agreement, signed by parties, will compensate extra service, work and job not included into basic architectural service.
B. Outline of Architect basic services:
Phase I: Schematic Design Phase. Architect will furnish the following items:
1. Site plan, floor plans, exterior and interior building elevations, perspectives, renderings and sections for Owner review and approval
2. Submit to City of Palo Alto a complete set of Project documentation and will respond to comments of the City of Palo Alto Planning Department
Phase II: Design Development. After Single Family Individual Review Permit is issued by City:
1. Architect shall prepare Final Design Development Documents based on approved Schematic Design Documents and any adjustments to City Palo Alto approved schematic design authorized by Owner regarding his “Wish list” and program schedule
2. Drawings and other documents shall fix and describe the character of the project as to architectural, exterior and interior design, exterior elevations, interior lighting, code issues, and such other elements as may be appropriate. Phase II is to be approved by Owner.
Phase III: Construction Document Phase
1. Architect shall prepare Construction Documents based on approved previous Phase. These drawings shall include the following:
Cover Page with Project Data and UBC & General Notes, Site Plan, Demolition Plan, Drainage & Grading Plan, Basement Plan, includes public work details for injection system from basement,
First and Second Floor Plans, Elevations/Details, Sections, Window and Door Schedule with its nominal sizes, Details, Electrical Plans with the Total quantity of Lamps installed, S0 – S# Structural plans, details and Structural Calculations, as required for “Building permit”.
1. Architect shall coordinate, integrate, and review all drawings prepared by the structural engineer as necessary for permits, final construction document review, comments and Owner approval
2 Architect shall submit of full set of construction documents to City of Palo Alto for issuance of “Building permit”, and will response to City of Palo Alto plan check comments
C. Use of Architect's Drawings, Specifications and Other Documents
Architect grants to the Owner license to use Project Documentations solely for the purpose of constructing, using and maintaining the Project at 300 Sequoia Avenue Palo Alto California. Any use of the Project Documentations by the Owner or future Owner shall be at the Owner’s sole risk and without liability to the Architect and his consultants
D. Architect Basic Services, for the described scope of work:
Compensation for basic services of described scope of work in this agreement by Architect shall be a Fixed Fee of _____Thousand Dollars ($_______). This amount includes services rendered by Consultants engaged by Architect as noted above, and all reproductions, CAD plots and copying costs for City Submittals only and six sealed sets to Owner.
Payment Schedule:
Advance ………………………………………………………………………………. $ _____
After Single Family Individual Review Permit approval by City of Palo Alto…… $ _____
Upon Approval of Building Permit Issuance……………………………………….. $ _____
Total Payment ………………………………………………………………………… $ _____
This Agreement will get power, when signed by parties and Architect got an advance.
After this Architect starts design work in _____ weeks and will submit complete set of Project documents City of Palo for the
Single Family Individual Review in approximately ______ weeks
Owner _____________________  Fatekh Vergasov
Architect ___________________ Full Name