• Obtain the furnace manufacturers installation instructions and install the furnace to their specifications.
  • Establish the best location for installation of forced air unit and vent.
  • An attic in which a FAU is installed shall be accessible by an opening and passageway 30" x 30" in size.  Attic access may be reduced to 22" x 30" provided the largest piece of equipment can be removed through the opening.
  • Install passageway platform minimum 24" inches width and maximum 20 feet in length to FAU.
  • Install working platform not less than 30" in depth and width in front of the entire firebox side of the FAU.
  • A permanent electric outlet and lighting fixture controlled by a switch located at the required passageway opening shall be provided at or near the furnace.
  • Install vent, roof flashing and vent cap.  Double wall type "B" vent requires minimum 1" clearance to combustible materials and requires a minimum 5' - 0" vent termination above the highest vent collar it serves.
  • A means shall be provided to disconnect the FAU from the power source for servicing the appliance.  See manufacturers installation instructions for approved disconnect method.
  • An approved shut off valve is required to be installed at the gas piping outlet, immediately ahead of the flex connector, and must be accessible.
  • Provide gas test on all new gas piping installed.
  • Single wall vent connectors are not permitted in an attic.