"0" Stage: Excavation and full-basement with 9' ceilings

a. Owner removes asbestos Transit flue-pipe, as per Asbestos Inspection Report
b. BAAQMD Job number " is 2B862. Time frame: September 22 - 29, 2004
c. Owner installs: temporary Toilet with electric meter, fencing, and make access to water line
d. Concrete contractor makes side shoring system
e. After trenching Surveyor provides: Grade-mark and New home corners marks
f. City sidewalk and driveway construction not to be broken by contractor's equipment

I. Old home off-hauling, including garage, patio, driveway, concrete foundation to minus 3'
1.1. Site cleaning from miscellaneous landscaping, sprinkler systems, driveway and sidewalk, etc.
1.2. Both Traffic and Dust control, including water dust suppressing
1.3. Grading and rake-cleaning from debris
II. Trench Excavation, except structural excavation:
2.1. Excavate basement as per plan and export of soil and excess materials to the Palo Alto Dump
2.2. Control Stockpile of soil: such amount of the soil shall be enough to backfill the basement trench
2.3. Both Traffic and Dust control, including water dust suppressing
2.4. Over excavate, enough to make basement slab with under slab drainage
2.5. Slope excavated sides to meet requirements of Cal OSHA
2.6. Finish basement pad +/- 0.1'
III. Concrete works, as per drawings, include:
a. Basement with sump-pump boxes and pits and sub slab drainage
b. One car garage slab
c. Porches with steps
d. Light wells
e. Sunken patio
f. Basement egress concrete stair to the soil surface throw the sunken patio
IV. Basement dryness shall be ensured with water-proofing measures, such as:
a. Cement additives, i.e. concrete pores filling system
b. Structural Water-proofing with PrePrufe Water proofing system and
c. Drainage system with sump-pumps, as per drawings:
1. Sump pumps to be installed into monolithic concrete boxes or pits
2. Said boxes and pits to be covered with cast iron grates
3. Piping with all necessary connection to the sump-pumps
V. Backfilling with sand, gravel and soil