Fatekh Vergasov
Owner-Builder's Risk Insuranses
Policy Name
Home Insurance
Course of Construction Insurance. Types of contracts that insure building contractors for damage to property under construction. The completed value form requires a 100% coinsurance because insurance carried must equal the completed value of the structure. The reporting form allows coverage to be carried according to the stage of completion of the structure. Perils insured against are fire, lightning, vandalism, malicious mischief, riot and civil commotion, smoke, sprinkler leakage, water damage, windstorm, and hail.
Workman's Compensation
General Liability Insurance
Completed Operations Insurance. Liability insurance coverage for injuries to persons or damage to property occurring after an operation is completed but attributed to that operation; does not apply to damage to the completed work itself. An operation is completed (a) when all operations under the contract have been completed or abandoned; or (b) when all operations at one project site are completed; or (c) when the portion of the work out of which the injury or damage arises has been put to its intended use by the person or organization for whom that portion of the work was done.
Umbrella insurance