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Asylum seekers and refugees can gain legal residency status in the United States if they fulfill certain requirements under immigration law.
The main differences between the two forms of relief are:

1. Asylum seekers are already on U.S. soil, while refugees are outside of the United States; and

2. Refugees seek help from the United Nations, while asylum applicants submit their petition to the U.S. government.
Беженцы — лица, покинувшие страну, в которой они постоянно проживали, в силу чрезвычайных обстоятельств.
Беженство — массовое оставление жителями своих родных мест вследствие войны или стихийных бедствий
A refugee is a person who is outside their home country
a. because they have suffered (or feared) persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, or political opinion;
b. because they are a member of a persecuted social category of persons; or
c. because they are fleeing a war.
Such a person may be called an "asylum seeker" until recognized by the state, where they make a claim

Refugee = Беженцы -


Asylee - политическое убежище -
International Law
Main article: Refugee law
Under international law, refugees are individuals who:
1. are outside their country of nationality or habitual residence;
2. have a well-founded fear of persecution because of their race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group or political opinion; and
3. are unable or unwilling to avail themselves of the protection of that country, or to return there, for fear of persecution.
Refugee law encompasses both customary law, peremptory norms, and international legal instruments. These include:
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