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Utilities and services:
Directory of Construction and Demolition Material Reuse and Recycling Firms
Electric - Pacific Gas and Electric Company
Electric - Meter Reading Information for Residential Customers
Electric - PG&E Local Office - 10900 N Blaney Ave Cupertino, CA 95014-0555
International Calls - World-link
Phone + DSL - SBC communications Inc.
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Residential Garbage Service
Sewer system
Water - San Jose Water or California Water Service Company

Electric and Gas Meters replacement with re-location
May 29, 2005 - Form are ready

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Fire code, Section:
16.40.280. Required Fire Sprinkler Systems for Buildings
Section 1003.2.2, paragraph 1 is amended to read as follows:

All occupancies. An automatic fire sprinkler system shall be installed: (Ord. 1911, Exh. A, 2002)
16.40.290. Fire Sprinkler Systems for Buildings
Section 1003.2.2, items 6 through 9 are added to read as follows:

6. In all new buildings where the fire flow for the building, in accordance with Appendix III-A,
exceeds 2,000 gallons per minute or,
is three (3) or more stories in height or,
the floor area exceeds 10,000 square feet

7. Throughout all existing buildings when modifications are made that increases the fire flow, in accordance with Appendix III-A,
to more than 2,000 gallons per minute or,
increases the number of stories to three (3) or more or,
increases the floor area to more than 10,000 square feet

8. In all new buildings located in the designated Hazardous Fire Area.
Exception: Accessory structures to single family residences that are 500 square feet or less.

9. Throughout all existing remodeled buildings located in the designated Hazardous Fire Area.
Exception: When additions of 500 square feet or less are made to the original permitted structure. (Ord. 1911, Exh. A, 2002)
16.40.1070 Fire hydrant locations and distribution

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